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Hours of Operation
Monday - Friday 7:30am - 4:00pm
Saturdays 7:30am-Noon
Phone # 336-272-3820
3001 Holts Chapel Rd.
Greensboro, NC 27401




Normal Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday: 7:30AM - 4:00PM
Saturday: 7:30AM - 12:00PM

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Metal Recycling Greensboro
Recycle at Our Facility

Recycling and recovery materials is our specialty.​  Bring your recyclable materials to our Greensboro, NC facility.  We pay competitve prices for ferrous and non-ferrous metals.  We also pay for cardboard and paper products. 

Recycling electronic scrap is another rapidly growing division.  As technology is constantly changing, the need to properly recycle old equipment is increasing.  We are equiped to handle large scale electronic recycling for businesses.  Please call for more information.

commercial business recycling greensboro
Business Recycling

Partnering with Salvage America is good for your bottom line. We work with your business to provide efficient recycling solutions. From container pickup and delivery to hauling services, and more; we provide quality commercial recycling for businesses of all sizes.

One of the things we do is to help businesses sell-off things they no longer need, be it machinery, old inventory, equipment, old stock, vehicles and more. And it doesn't have to be made of metal. Contact us today for a consultation.

on site recycling
On-Site Recycling

Salvage America recently headed a large deconstruct of farmland. The company has years of experience with on site consulting, deconstructing and removal of materials.


Many of today’s companies need assistance when facing deconstruction projects on small or large scales. Businesses need that expert knowledge to help them take advantage of the benefits that can come from recycling and recovering.



Below is a listing of materials we accept.  If you have a question about acceptable materials, please contact us.

Scrap Steel


#1 Copper Tubing / Flashing

#3 Roofing Copper

#1 Bare Bright Wire

Brass Shells


Clean Brass Radiators

Hollow Heliax Wire

THHN Cable

500-750 MCM (Bare Bright Inside)

Aluminum / Copper Coil (clean)

Christmas Lights

Cardboard & Paper


Altenators / Starters (separated)

Lead Wheel Weights

Lead Acid Batteries

Aluminum Siding

Aluminum Grills

Aluminum Rims





Circuit Boards

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Cast Iron


#2 Copper Tubing / Bus Bar

Stainless Steel (non magnetic)

Brass Plumbing & Pipe

Aluminum Cans

Brass Water Meter

Insulated Copper Wire

Romex Wire

Insulated Cable

Insulated Steel BX Wire

Aluminum / Copper Coil (dirty)

Copper Yokes


Copper Transformers


Sealed Units Compressor

Electric Motors

Aluminum Windows

Cast Aluminum

Aluminum Ladders

Aluminum Transformers


Desktop Computer



LCD / Flat Screen Monitors

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We do recycle some plastics.  Please contact us for quantities and types.



What We Do
  • We provide onsite consulting and analysis

  • Certified scales to quantify recovery of each material

  • Recycled materials quantity breakdown by weight/volume per material

  • Generate revenue for single stream recyclables recovery

  • We provide container/trailer services and/or can drop off

  • On-site deconstruction and material removal

  • Don’t throw money and valuable commodities into a hole in the ground

  • Join us in the need to recycle. The time is NOW

  • Pick up of automobiles.

Certificates of Destruction

Does your business need certificates of destruction for the items you recycle?


If yes, then Salvage America is able to provide CODs to those companies who ask us in advance to provide them with certificates of destruction. We work with several local, national and international corporations who require CODs and understand that your business may face big losses should the items you recycle end up back in the market place. We are ready, willing and able to make sure that doesn't happen. Call us at 336-272-3820 for info on how to make sure your recyclables are certified destroyed and will never come back to haunt you

Recycling Procedures

First time recycling?  Here's what to expect when arriving at Salvage America. Please have your drivers liscense or other photo ID ready. There are strict general statutes that all recyclers are required to adhere to. This includes such things as taking fingerprints, videos, and photos of transactions. We realize that this can be an uncomfortable experience so we try to make it as painless as possible. Please recognize that we are following the law and are not trying to degrade anyone. We strive to provide excellent customer services. We do all we can to work with local law enforcement and our community. Scrap Metal theft has become a nationwide issue in recent years so these strict statutes are necessary.



Salvage America, a company you can trust. Below are the organizations we are proud to be part of.
Recycling Association of North Carolina
BBB a+ Rating
Guildford Merchants Association
Carolina Recycling Association
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